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About Us

providing the high quality products

Acme Systems & Services has emerged as one of the leading Office Automation Company. We are the sales and service providers for various products like Paper Shredders, Cash Counting Machines, Laminators, Binders and Currency Verifiers.

we are a customer oriented company committed to providing the high quality products and after sales support to meet our customer's needs. We are dedicated to the goals of achieving customer satisfaction, delivering superior products and services and meeting customer requirements.

Acme System and Services

Our team of well trained and skilled technical engineers and executives continuously strive to uphold our goals and commitments.

The extensive range of our products for various applications are distributed and supported widely through a network of distributors and dealers.

Paper Shredders

Protect your business with a Paper Shredder.

Paper Shredders are used to cut papers in to fine pieces. The sure way to protect your privacy is to shred your important documents.

Paper Shredders provide security and confidentiality. It prevents

  Secure information from falling into the wrong hands

  Unauthorized access to secure information.

It is advisable to shred unwanted credit cards and bank account statements, and other confidential documents which could be used by thieves to commit fraud or identity theft.

Paper Shredders are used by Public & Private Organizations, individuals and businessmen to destroy confidential and sensitive documents.

Acme System and Services

Currency Counting Machines :

Acme System and Services

Cash is the preferred method of payment all around the world. Over 60% of all payments are made with cash. We are the leading provider of Cash Management System to Banks, Financial Institutions and Retail Market helping them reduce their cost of handling cash.

Our counting machines are means to an accurate and easy way of counting money. The counting machines are now considered a part and parcel of everyday business.


Preserve, Enhance, Protect and beautify your documents by laminating them.

We have a variety of laminating machines...

Acme System and Services


Acme System and Services

Bind your documents to preserve them and to enhance your presentation. We have several types of binders to suit your needs.

Currency Verifiers

Our counterfeit note detectors are designed to offer simple and quick way to check for counterfeit and forged documents, currency and Credit / Debit Cards.

Acme System and Services

Paper Cutters

Acme System and Services

Use our Paper Cutters to cut / trim loose or bound papers to the required sizes. Cut off the excess margins and make your bound books more presentable.