conscious sedation
Are you worrying for your Damaged Tooth?
But scared of going to the dentist !!
Hereafter don’t worry , Just nap your way through treatment!

Many people fear dental procedures. They worry about the pain they might feel and the potential discomfort. Sedation dentistry can definitely help patients feel more relaxed during dental work.

What is Sedation?

Sedation is a process used to establish a relaxed, easy and calm state through the use of sedatives. Sedative drugs can be administered orally ,through inhalation or through Intravenous form. The intravenous (IV) sedatives are delivered via injection into the blood vessels of the hand or arm and is predominantly used to sedate a dental patient.Sedation is both safe and effective when administered by a trained professional.

conscious sedation

Who needs Sedation:

  • Patients with Dental Phobia
  • For uncooperative patients
  • In case of prolonged dental procedures or where procedure needs to be completed in single sitting
  • Patients with severe gagging reflex
  • For patients with resistance to local anesthetic
  • Patients with General anxiety disorder

Benefits of Sedative Dentistry:

  • Multiple treatments can be carried out in a single sitting.
  • Patient is relaxed during the entire procedure
  • Reduced level of local anesthesia is required
  • Allows the dentist to work faster
  • Because of the amnesic effect patients have no or very little memory of the procedure.
  • Fast recovery
conscious sedation

We know how you feel on the dental chair while getting treated. Most of the people would fear that pain .That’s why we at Dentistree make sure that you face dental problems without fear.