tooth jewel

Are you looking to add sparkle to your personality?? Want a million dollar smile. Be a fashionista and flaunt your party spirit with our “tooth jewel” on your teeth. It is simple, quick and painless procedure that will make people turn heads as you flash your smile. The crystals can match your clothes as they come in a vast array of colors.

What is tooth jewellery?

As name suggests tooth jewellery is diamond stud, gem or crystal specifically designed to bind firmly on front surface of natural tooth. It is available in different shape and sizes.


The procedure of fixing tooth gem is very simple and usually takes about 10-15 minutes. It is painless, risk free and non invasive. The dentist usually uses a composite resin to bind the jewel to the tooth surface. Properly adhered studs may last from 6months to years and even longer if properly maintained.


  • New fashion statement
  • Quick and a simple procedure
  • No Drilling or loss of natural tooth structure
  • Requires no maintenance
  • Is a temporary painless procedure with no side-effects except increasing your smile.
  • So why wait?? Visit the nearest Dentistree Branch to give your smile that extra sparkle!!
tooth jewel