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Some of the major research works done by Dr. K. Gireesh in Neuroscience and Intracranial.Tumours: A study of 25 cases (May 1979 March 1981) Spinal Injuries, Madras Paraplegia Project (October 1986 October 1987 – Presented at International Paraplegia Conference, Perth, Western Australia) Brain Tumours in Tuberous Sclerosis (October 1985 October 1990 – Presented at World Congress of Neurosurgery, Delhi) Low-grade gliomas Management modalities (2001 2002 – Presented at Third Asian Congress of Neurosurgery, Hongkong). Some of the several scientific Papers presented at various scientific Academic meetings by Dr.Gireesh K:

Stroke Symptoms

Stroke is a life-threatening problem that comes into play when the blood flow to the brain gets cut off.

Stroke Causes

Stroke, which is nothing but the outcome of blocking the blood flow to the brain has various causes.

Stroke Complications

The worst part of the stroke with respect to almost all other diseases is the temporary or permanent disabilities

Stroke Diagnosis & Treatment

Even though stroke is a deadly disease that can even make one in the coma stage for the lifetime or lead one to


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