Dr.P.A.DEVANATHAN. BDS., We have built an enviable reputation in the consumer goods, heavy industry, high-tech, manufacturing, medical, recreational vehicle, and transportation sectors. multidisciplinary team of engineering experts. Who loves or pursues or desires to obtain pain of itself, because it is pain, but because occasionally circumstances occur in which toil and pain.

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  • What should be the ideal frequency to visit a dentist?
    More or less, it depends upon your diet and oral hygiene. If these are your weak links, then a periodical check-up in every six months is barely essential. Otherwise, one can opt for a yearly check-up as well.
  • Is it necessary for my teeth to go through X-rays?
    With X-ray, examining your teeth for minute details become very easy for dentists. It helps mapping an exact treatment procedure. At Radiant Dental Care, we let our patients go through digital X-rays which make your teeth to get exposed to very minimum radiation as compared to film type X-rays..
  • At what age should I bring my child to a dentist?
    When a child attains an age between two-and-half to three years, it’s time to count the teeth. Also, it is advisable to see your child to a dentist as soon as you notice any new-born tooth or any complicacy related to that.

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